ADIDAP Flickr Round May 2011

Week 1

118.365 Kiwi

Week 2

Week 3
Ledges State Park

Week 4

ADIDAP Flickr Round May 2011
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  • Madeline Mundt

    I love the colors in the first one!

    • Chris

      Thank you.


  • Excel Forum

    Hi this is very natural post looking all is very lovely and green post sharing share it again by again keep it up.

  • Baby name

    A great collection of art for the last round of April. 43 Images are competing for your vote, make sure to vote up your favorite and leave the photographer a comment.

  • Omie Photman

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  • Earningphotographer

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  • Melinda B.

    I love the photographs, the colors are amazing!
    Melinda B.

  • Alex Bard

    week 2 photo are perfect!

  • Chris Anderson

    Another good choice of images, beautifully captured

  • Alex Gipson

    Amazing images!!

  • Ajani

    The kiwi image is awesome!

  • Al Bal

    this is absolutely my dream to come obtain shots/images like this. but i still yet to learn a lot of the techniques. i am just wondering if a canon 450D is also capable of getting the same result as these pics in your post.

  • Gifts For Him

    I love the colors in the first one!