Photographer of the week : Cath. Schneider

Cath. Schneider has one of those photostreams where each picture is as breath taking as the one before it . It is a perfect address where you can get your dose of creativity, beauty and photography.

Cath has a great way for shooting portrait, macro and wildlife. The light, the color, the stories behind the picture can keep you looking and browsing.

You can follow Cath on twitter or facebook, but most importantly , don’t forget to check the photostream here

I leave you with 10 selected pictures only to enjoy ! Let us know what you think of Cath’s work in the comment











  • I am lacking in smart filters in my measly cs2, but when I upgrade I will give it a try. Excellent tutorial.

  • Wow, amazing pictures!

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  • Greatly honoured by this post of the POW ;), thank you for your comments and kind reactions.
    Best regards

    • Lmhirsch05

      Cath, I LOVE your photography. Unbelievable talent. I was looking through your photostream and came across a beautiful movie called Lili and the Photographer. What software did you use to create the movie, what is the name of the song and who sang it? I've been using Microsoft Movie Maker 2, but I REALLY like what you created so much more. Thank you for your time in responding and God bless and I look forward to seeing more of the fantastic art you create through your lens. Laura Hirsch, Roswell, Georgia USA or [email protected]

  • Guest

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  • Your eye is incredible. And your words reveal the quest we take to capture the visual truths around us.

  • Barbaramancini168


  • Venusxiii

    Youhou ^^ Bravo Cath <3

  • OMG, what is that first photo? Its amazing but its photo shopped, right?

  • wow, what kind of camera do you have? Marvelous work..

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  • Great camerawork, those pictures are high definition and they all look fantabulous! 😛

  • hello. i am searching through internet for interesting photo sites and yours definitely are one.
    i`ll add your site to my rss reader.

  • Chris Correia9985

    WOW. Her work is just breathtaking.

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  • Awesome images and highly creative work. Excellent!

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  • Superb photos well done, makes me want to grab my camera and start walking!

    Thanks for sharing with us!!

    Ben Nelson

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  • It's absolutely brilliant! Love it

  • all photographs are amazing . your thinking is so great .Thanks

  • Obadiah242007

    nice pictures! the use of light and the color is perfect.

  • pictures are awesome!
    it shows natural colors found everyday without simply knowing it turns out to be a masterpiece.
    some portrays ironic message and somewhat comical.

  • Kwilso66

    There is much to be valued and appreciated in your work. Your images are very powerful and offer a compelling story. I am particularly a fan of the portraits of the little girl. They carry a certain degree of intensity that I find quite fascinating. I also am very partial to the fact that your photos have a very simple, yet effective, color scheme. I also love that you have chosen such interesting compositions that might have otherwise been overlooked. As an aspiring photographer, I look forward to following more of your work. Well done.

  • Alex Gipson

    OMG! I am absolutely amazed! These are beautiful!

  • Very, very accomplished photography. Beautiful use of colour and strong, but correct, contrast in the B+Ws. Nice subject range, too!

    Craig Cooper

  • Achingly beautiful work. I especially love the Bamboo Rain photo. The droplets on the bamboo seem to transform the plant into Lily of the Valley.thanks..

  • It;s really awesome, i have gone through many post
    and every post have great wallpapers..

    Grreat Dude

  • Awesome shots. VERY VERY SHARP. Nice macro, and subject matter. Love it.

  • Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  • Hi,
    These are really ultimatee collection of nice images with clear pixel.