ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-06-06]

47 truly breath-taking pictures for the week month of June from our flickr group. Everyone seems to be enjoying those summer vacations ! .
Enjoy and vote up your favorite picture

1.photog by mescon, on Flickr" href="">Hairless Hairdo // #<a href=photog" width="240" height="240" />2.The Artist

3.Luak Bay Sunset4.BUTCHART GARDEN

5.6.Awning puddles

7.Downtown Reflections8.De mi dolor, me duelo


11.Say Hello To My Little Friend!12.This is The Rescue

13.all the diamonds14.arrows at night

15.Kayaking in El Nido16.



21.7ove22.Looking Left

23.home is where the chilkats are. 24.Pineywoods

25.River and Mist26.Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia...

27.28.High Places

29.get it?30.Selectividad

31.We are stardust, we are golden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden32.the bride {explored}

33.183 copy34.Norway in a Nutshell!

35.urban scape...36.Singularity

37.Finally Summer38.N - ou les nuances.

39.photog by mescon, on Flickr" href="">See // #<a href=photog" width="240" height="240" />40.imagine {explore}

41.clouds  la grande arche de la défense42.

43.Adjustment44.Molten cup

47.Fresh Garlic

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-06-06]
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  • Chris Anderson

    A tough choice this time but a great series

  • Conservatory Furniture

    I agree with you i think great series.thanks…

  • Ajani

    I really like the image of the soccer player. Wicked.

  • Kyle Kruchok

    Definitely a tough choice.