Photoshop Tutorial Mine : from image to flickr

This post is a guest post by Lara Zankoul.

I’ve always been attracted to the tones of Lara’s pictures so I tried to talk her into sharing with us her retouching techniques and here goes her first tutorial.


1. Crop to your liking
I started with a well exposed & bright pictured and did a a square crop

2. Changed the color balance
Using Image – Adjustment – Color Balance I used the below values

3. De-saturated the picture
The next thing I did was de-saturating the image using Image – Adjustment – Hue Saturation

4. Apply : Image – Apply (Multiply 10% to 30% depending on image)

5. Variations (toward Red) – Image -> Variations

6. Add new layer and fill it with this color : #133e9f

7. Then Apply the picture again (10% to 30% – Multiply)

8. Add new layer and fill it with this color : # 0b0871

9. Play with curves and saturation to get a nice faded tone:

10. Apply image OR fix contrast to get the final picture:

I hope this was helpful! You can try it and show me your pictures 😀

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