ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-06-20]

It has been a while we didn’t have a big round with 67 pictures from our flickr group.
A highly creative and inspirational round for this week in June , do not miss it out and don’t forget to vote up your favorite photographer

1.u. 2.White wash

3.FINALLY, the Milky Way! 4.Grounded on a living skin

5.Ain't No Sunshine on a Cloudy Day...6.

7.3ª Ponte8.Six

9.Catch! 10.Green Ditch Grass

11.Behind the Fence 12.

13.Exaltation of larks 14.Decay

15.Docked! 16.fences

17.Roque Santeiro, em Luanda, seguramente um dos lugares mais exóticos do mundo 18.pensieri

19.Tug & Barge 20.Where The Tracks Split

21.IMG_7048 copy 22.[blame it on the rain]

23.of light and shadows 24.Pine Pass

25.I want to fly away too ♥ 26.170/365

27."Keep the Big Bills on the Outside!" 28.Lingering Days of Summer

29.你只能死一次 30.pinkness!

31.drip drip dripity drop 32.Dungeness Spit

33.365, Day 172 - I Lub You 34.(A)symmetry 2

35.endless 36..

37.Busy Bee . . . 38.toil

39.Arch of Constantine 40.El Roble

41.Code Monkey 42.Tourist Magnet

43._MG_1147_48_49_50-2wtmk 44.Moon over 6th Street

45.Pritzker Pavilion 46.Surfer.

47.Going up 48.Nothing is a simple as we hope it will be

49.Stairs and Stripes 50.l.

51.headache week 52.Your presence makes me warm . . .

53.There for Tomorrow 54.

55.Pink Delight 56.

57. 58.Twined for a century...紫藤挂云木,花蔓宜阳春,密叶隐歌鸟,香风流美人。(李白)(Explored)

59.Masha 60.168/365 Summer Night

61.Colorado ICE Player Landon  Jones #40 62.

63.Milky Way from Wampler Road 64.Up

65.bubble bokeh 66.Staircase to nowhere


  • Their are lot's of wallpapers ….quite good..

    Keep Sharing …Cheers..