ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-07-10]

Your dose of photography for today is made of 46 great image that cater to every photo addict taste. Enjoy this round and vote for your favorite picture and photographer.

1.paju flower festival2."One page, one word, is all it took for me to stay."

3.I like restraint, if it doesn't go too far.  ~Mae West~4.Magic Boy

5....6.Sunny Afternoon

7.Cracked8.The Boy And I

9.Only for a Picture10.I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.  ~Author Unknown


13.Queenstown Skyline14.Triptych foggy morning in Arkansas


17.The Lizard of Oz...18.HB pier is empty

19.Life's a circle .. isn't it..20.knife

21.Press [Enter] if you wanna do something22.Aim High!

23.Just The Two of Us24.París

25.190/365 North Tahoe26.young girl

27.71 hotel28.hdr lake eucha dock in foggy morning 8x10  6118_19_21_22_tonemapped

29.و إسق الأرض ضوءاً30.Buckhead Atlanta

31.Meadow Cottage32.Jumping the Rays

33.Vintage34.4th of July

35.View-from-TeeTop-HalongBay36.Communications are protected

37.Pipe Organ 00338.Paris Tower, Las Vegas, Nevada



43.Smoke 44.Golden Cells

45.Drift Wood Branch46.A Happy Old Baba ji !