ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-07-17]

21 breath taking pictures for this filckr round – Good luck voting for only one favorite picture. Looking forward and excited to see which one is going to enter our calendar contest – so vote wisely !
1.{Echo} Week 18- Stripes 2.Twirl, Ballerina, Twirl.


5.Flatiron District6.Alfa Romeo MiTo

7.Confessions in a Notebook8.Santa Tigger

9.10.In the middle of (Mist and dark)

11.12.The lost flowers - Fleurs égarées.

13.Naked bike14.Which slowly goes away, which will go a long way

15.16.Super Girl

17.Emmaline Daisey18.[shine]

19.Bronski from Hello Bomb 20.Petri 7 - "Green-O-Matic"


  • Hi all is very coll collection i think all is really very lovely sharing i love this blog very much….. 🙂

  • 7 from me, a nice twist on the I love you theme.