ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-08-07]

36 Beautiful pictures are featured in our flickr round. Hope they will be a good dose of photography for you today.

1.Summer Frames 2.NY Bound in my hands (Explore) 4.In Line at Pinhook

5.3 Month Shots 6.francis bacon

7.HFCS ~ yes more corn 8.Richard II

9.Too Late Too Late 10.

11.Vertigo (1) 12.Trout catchers!

13.THEY'RE SO FLUFFY! 14.Softly Seen, A Heart in Shadow

15.[berries] 16.stereo.

17. Boćanje / Bocce 18.sleeping newborn

19.Pimped My Ride20.Red car

21.Feet 22.° the Viennese Prater°

23.Through the water 24.What a Saturday!

25.26.Green Path

27.Smoke 28.Sky waves

29.Worn Down30.Floating at Halong

31.storm chasing 32.Cinnamon

33.Whispers34.Thought Process

35.imperfections from the garden 36.under the bridge

  • Aztaki

    Again, no way to vote. Mine would have been 18.

    • adidap

      Hi Aztaki,
      Can you please check now if you can vote ?

      • Aztaki

        Thaaaat's better! Thanks :o)

  • I love rabbits so got to be number 13 for me.

  • Please advise if I should shave off the moustache !!?
    Girls !! Tell me your frank opinion if I need to shave this moustache in order to look more handsome. I have been keeping this mustache for 8 years now and want to know if shaving it off will imrpove my appeal.

  • i iike 3 and the 5th mostly adidap