ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-08-14]

49 pictures are featured in this Flickr round with a higher-than-usual rate of macro-photography. As usual enjoy this round, let us know what you think of it and vote up your favorite photographer

1.[five]2.Let the Games Begin

3.Milano Cupola 4.vienna 044

5.6.Choca Mocha

7.Day 19 of 365: "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning.8.Follow your big brother

9.ChiTown10.Kiama Downs Sunrise

11.°...she was surrounded by an aura of mystery°12.Pina Beach

13.Single Weed14.Road to Khardung la

15.Fable16.Cliffhanger play a piano18.GIBBBS

19.vienna 13220.Sandy Feet


23.Glow24.Begging! (+1 in comments)

25.°Memories°26.The Fallen Leaves  -

27.70's Style Apartment - B&W28.wh eat


31.Day 25 of 365: Daydream. I fell asleep amid the flowers for a couple of hours on a beautiful day.32.Pyrocumulus Cloud

35.eggs of light36.Freeze Frame

37.Black & bike38.A light from above

39.Electricity [For Don Van Vliet]40.M O E T  :pPp



45.NOCTORNALS46.Divine Geometry

47.august 7th - day 18848.Venice

49.I love wine