ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-09-18]

41 pictures are competing in our flickr round, good luck choosing and voting up a favorite

1.Stadshagen2.War Machine

3.My Zoo friend 4.Elements

5.the saddle 6. 8.

9.SYAWAL EVENING10.Day 55 of 365: The Dewey Drop System.

11.Black Lab in Black & White12.Lakeside

13.City Worker.14.{Explore}Nous aurons toujours Paris

15.Ain't feel nothing.16.I like icecream

17.Hands of Time 18.Good Morning San Diego - Downtown

19.Starry Night20.Bleachers

21.Big Sky, Small Rainbow [HDR]22.Everything is Alright

23.Day 57 of 365: Eight legged bokeh.24.

25. A rock in a wet place. 26.Seeds of Summer

27.28.Happy Days......Sleepless Nights

29.The devil hears you when you cry.30.

31.عهد مضى32.Lonely

33.34.:: constancy ::


37.Dogs38.Reality is always extraordinary.  ~Mary Ellen Mark~

39.3x440.Alchemy between us.

41.Seven seas.