ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-09-25]

Creativity is sky rocketing in this last round of September with 48 pictures being featured. Good luck choosing only one favorite to vote for.

1.fill your boots2.monday morning bokeh with a wee rainbow

3.Cob to Cob (Part I)4.Suck it, Justin Bieber

5.Last Summer Rose6.We could go anywhere

7.Private8.2010-09-20 lightning-5.jpg

9.Brody C.10.Atsuete at Laurel


13.Like Glass14._Coffee & tv_

15.bin16.Alf 0009 - 1232

17.Shrouded in Mist18.Watch your back

19.Eynsham Hall  2010 05320.{Echo} Week 22- Sweet

21.busking for change (2 of 2)22.263/365 U is for Utensil

23.FRESH24.Back Against The Wall

25.A dusty Polaroid camera with a flair for bokeh26.Colours of nature

27.fountain fun28.DSC_9784r

29.Kids From Nepal (Original 9)30.DOT 2 DOT

31.Night lights32.Horses

33.Flying fingers - harpist (selfie)34.parallel lines

35.feel the moroccan air36."Smile......"

37.Frozen Chocos38.Noel

39.Sam40.sisterly love

41.Used ALL the Crayons on this one.42.Inside the Mezquita

43.The Killing Jar44.The few remaining moments.

45.Adámas – Ancient Greek for Diamond46.

47.Veer Towers48.DSC_0021

  • Tough one but Ill go with 17.