ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-10-02]

27 pictures for the first round of October. Enjoy and vote up your favorite !

1.Welsh sunset2.Day 362.

3.4.Tiny Towers

5.Sweet Bird of Yo3628_m.jpg6.Things around you will have impact on you!!

7.Icy Post8.Drip-drop

9.Jag10.WAZZUP  10/2/10

11.12.Macbook Ready

13.Turimetta Sunset14.Missing You


17.Bench Monday 54: Autumn Arrives18.Rays

19.Ant20.Lord Nelson and his ship

21.Downtown Diagonals22.Manuela M. (2)

23.Just Born ..24.Roots

25.Blue Buildings26.Waiting

27.Prophecy of salvation.

  • 13 – beautiful effect of the sea coming in.

  • I have recently developed an interest in photography and have made a photostream on flickr, but the number of views per image range from 0 to only about 25 max! When I see some other members photos they often have hundreds of views and an equal no of comments to boot…but in many cases the images are not really that exceptional!! How can I get more people to see my pics and comment on them?

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