ADIDAP Flickr Rounf August 2011

Week 1.
sleeping newborn

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.
28 by bloody aile, on Flickr">en passant #<a href=28" />

ADIDAP Flickr Round August 2011
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  • Chris Anderson

    The elephants are incredible….a wonderful image

  • ds card

    I always use big hug labs' scout feature. if you click on 'include dropped' when you're in there, it also shows you any photos that have been in explore, but may have dropped out.

  • Hampers

    Got to be week one just for the baby elephant :)

  • sofas

    I have a Nikon D40. It takes really good pictures, but nothing like the ones on flickr taken by Nikon D40s. I really don't know that much about all the settings and factors that go into making my pictures look sharp and amazing. So does anyone know any books, websites, or anything that can teach me how to get my pictures like the ones on flickr?

  • r4 card

    I have a canon pc1582 HD camera… Great camera, but sadly, I think I just don't know how to use it properly, as in closeups, I can never seem to really get the right details. Great pictures though… Clearly from a pro.

  • Wedding Video

    all are looks like real..

  • California Mortgage

    Today, everybody post after effects or animated image, but you gave here real image that is too good to see

  • Business Coach

    Wow!supper collection of good images.I am glad to watch this sweet elephant’s baby….!