ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-10-16]

37 pictures are features in this October Flickr Round. As usual, the pictures are breath-taking !
Good Lucking voting up a favorite for our calendar spot.

1.Balloon Fiesta 8 2.Something Different

3.An Evening of Autumn Lights4.Balloon Fiesta 24

5.Al6.Kiama Downs Sunrise

7.Losing Reds8.A Day In Logoisk

9.Red & Yellow on Brown10.Smokes III

11.the hills of...12.Eiffel Tower

13.Bridge of attention

15.Controlled Chaos 16.B-17

17.Positano18.Every flower has its end

19.Whole world in his hand20.213/365 - Under the bridge

21.To the Infinity and Beyond (3): Infinitubes22.Colosseo

23.j e n + t j24.Chrome Tower

25.Look into my eyes!26.National Theatre


29.Falls Colours in Toronto30.Tree bark duh!


33.Gorbals34.Of fear, loss and hope.

35.[keep on the golden trail]36.

37.Air Supply

  • ome great images this round

  • Wow!There I find a ultimate collection of these nice images.

  • I really enjoyed all the great photographic work. Great collection of all type of images. Image clarity is really great..

  • I see number 6 made it into the best of the month and it is definately the best image in this set!

  • I know how to find out who belongs to which flickr groups and which flickr groups people belong to. But how do you find out who OWNS a group there?Will you come back and see what follow-ups I might have for your answers, please? Thanks, if so.

  • i am going with 18..