ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-11-06]

46 great pictures for the first round of November. Enjoy and vote up your favorite.

1.Fear #22.Beautiful sky

3.Ksatria Mata Merah4.Rest

5.On The place

7.Polar Bear Surfacing8.Autumn Walk

9.Childhood In The Dream10.Mein Herbst ist s/w 2

11.First and Foremost12.Lake Serene Sunrise and Clouds

13.Lady Bug14.Stairway

15.loving fall16.styer-12

17.Wien Zentralfriedhof18.Nothing Wrong With Being Different

19.Château Pichon-Longueville 2010 11720.Melanesia Sunset

21.Textured Stars22.We come in peace...

23.Last of Fireworks : Cosmos24.A hard Life

25.Jogging in Central Park26.seoraksan national park

27.Pulling Out All the Stops28.mountain souvenirs

29.Wish you a Happy and Safe Diwali  - Explored Nov 5, 2010 #44130.seoraksan national park

31.Up32.Look up to the sky and see... am just a poor boy

33.Financial Management Brokerage Masquerade Ball and Charity Auction34.boy and his dog

35.England Vs. New Zealand - Twickenham RFU36.Panorama White Rock Mtn AR

37.Mother of Russia, Volgograd Russia38.Way out West, West Lake District

39.San Fran at night40.

41.freedom42.Leaf covered Isis at Magdalen Bridge with ball and cone

43.Soldier Silhouette44.other side

45.Shenandoah National Park46.