Download ADIDAP Calendar March 2011 now

03 March 2011 US

March Picture is Smoking Hot by Alexander Hogstrom and is nothing less then impressive, there is a US and a UK version of the calendar.

Don’t forget to download the full size image.

  • Great calendar! Like your work. Downloaded the calendar and enjoy it.

  • Pandddawson

    Yeeccch! Dreadful skin, giving her – or is it him? self mouth cancer as from now I should think. I hope this is really meant to be an anti-smoking message, but it's not easy to tell.

  • I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing.

  • wow…. nice calander.
    what a pic…

  • Nice job with the composition mate, you captured the smoke quite well to. I have some similar shots and would love to hear what you think so click the link http://JPPhotography.blogspot…. thanks keep up the good work

    • hi james, i agree u had same pics, why you did not update before it, After posting you are saying , u had same pics. It is not good thing, i think so.

  • thanks for such a nice calender ……. this one looking very nice..

  • Every one here try only just say anything, because of live comment. they don't want what are they saying,,, Last month calender is better than this month.

  • That's really a new update with have a new look of ADIDAP Calendar March 2011 now.I will try download it…

  • GREAT photography, wonderful.

  • Stunning calender I would say.Smoking image looking very bad.I hate smoking its really bad thing for health.

  • hi guys… very gud you are hate smoking…but I think calendar image also give advice to quit smoking…

  • Nice job! Really great pic! I have a blog with some of my own photos (its new, but its gonna be good :D) if u want please go there… 🙂

  • Nice job! Really great pic!! I have a blog with some photos taken by me (its new, not so good yet, but is gonna be, i hope) If u want, please go there 😀

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  • Thanks! Didn’t know my component was being used by Adobe-people to showcase the framework, wow..

  • Hey Guys, I hope we will get April Calender very soon. tune with us….

  • ADIDAP, i think you have to update your blog and share a calendar of April Month. i am waiting.

  • I will suggest here that such smoking images should be deleted on public blogs.Your blog is really very nice and all posts are good.But such images can turn the mind of visitors…

  • I love the HD images you used in the March calanedar picture.

    – Robert

  • That is one smoking hot photo, for sure…

  • Thank you very much for great in-depth look at consciousness in psychology!

  • Would Love to see more of you at Tobri Jeanette!…

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  • thats nice stuff from alexander, i downloaded the calendar even though march is already done!

  • Currently I am use ADIDAP 2011 Calendar.It is really nice.

  • I think calander image shows Noone should smoking…

  • I'm always against of using such bad images on blogs. Calender is really very nice but the image spreading bad impression.I download all your calenders and keep them with me….

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  • what a nice pic..i love this pic.

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