10 things I hate about photography

I fell in love with photography some 8 years ago when I first bought a Minolta dImage 7, and after all this time I still find in it my way out!

I know it is obvious I love photography but, if I have to be completely honest, it is a real love/hate relationship.


I often find myself, while driving, looking around identifying potential locations or admiring the colors of the sunset just to wake up at the sound of the honking car behind me who’s driver started to get impatient. So far I’ve been lucky with these moments


And God knows I’ve tried. Every now and then I feel that photography is taking too much of my time I decide to quit but, no matter what, that urge to shoot and look at pictures always comes back even stronger. And when I finally give in and go out and shoot it feels like a mouthful of fresh air and I think to myself, “what have you been doing to yourself!”. I can, wholeheartedly, say that photography seems to be the only thing I am addicted to. Gosh how I hate to feel I am dependent of anything!


I don’t think that there is a lot to explain here, photography is not exactly a cheap hobby. Cameras are expensive and good glass sure is expensive and when you have spend all that money and think you have all what you need there is always a new gadget that popups and I start trying to justify this new expense. For a person without any income from photography I spend too much on it.


I have a full time job that requires from me more than a full time schedule which leaves me with little time to spend with my wife and children. This makes me feel guilty when I share, what is already limited, between my family and my hobby.


To be very honest I don’t always feel good with my own results, and coincidence wants it that, every time I feel I made some progress in photography, I come by these pictures that keep me stunned and show me how long the road is still ahead of me.
There are so many different styles of photography I’d like to experiment that sometimes I feel I should just quit.


I hate color management! I find it so complex, every time I want to print a picture or even look at it on a monitor different than the one I edited it on I find myself looking at completely different colors and, no matter what, I can’t get to find a way to get consistent results. Well that surely looks a good reason to shoot in black and white but, even then, contrast changes.


Sometime you want to shoot and you can’t because, for a reason or another, that one place you’ve been longing to capture is a photography restricted zone. The first example I can think about with this matter is Jeita Grotto that is only at 30 min drive from where I live but I can’t take pictures in.
10. when you want to have you’re camera and you can’t (restricted places)


If it is frustrating to want to shoot but not to be able to, it is even more frustrating when you don’t want to shoot but you find yourself compelled to do it just because people are expecting you to do so!

Sometime, when invited to events/weddings, I just want to be with my wife and enjoy it, I don’t feel like playing the “camera man”. However there is always that last minute call “we are counting on you for the pictures”.


Yes storage is getting cheaper by the day, however data storage needs are growing exponentially too. With my current camera a RAW file is about 22megs in size and a typical retouched psd image in the 400 megs. Knowing that I keep 2 copies of each picture in both RAW and PSD format that’s roughly 1GB for each picture I edit.


Well that’s a classic but it never fails to irritate me. I do feel the lust to sometimes change my gear just because a newer one came out but I am fully aware that this won’t improve my photography I just do it because I feel like it and I can afford it.
Just recently my wife was looking at pictures I took of our children and she asked me “Is it the cam or the lens? These pictures look just great”, that made me smile and told her “why can it not be simply your husband ?”

What about you ? What do you hate about photography?

  • I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie.

  • vonmaedler

    Great article – thanks for sharing.

    von Maedler

  • You pretty much nailed this buddy.

  • Tester

    About the only thing I hate about photography is that my spouse doesn't understand. She doesn't see why it takes so long for me to come back home. She doesn't understand why I was willing to walk a few miles while vacationing in New York to get that one-of-a-kind shot.

  • I would say it require passion and dedication to become a great photographer. I love to read every post on your blog.Every single post is million $ post.

  • Oh this is so funny – I can relate!

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  • What are some good tips you know, and btw i dont have a super fancy camra, but i do have picassa picture editing! if you know any tips for photography, but with a normal camra, then please say your tips! THANKS! 

  • Dempsey2345

    Pretty much agree with everything you have said (taking the point of view of a former professional who decided he’d had enough). 

    The factors dangerous (having a drunk football lout throwing a bottle in your face after a world cup match), expensive (more so than film – film matched the cost of the shoot to the invoice – cost of the camera being less, digital – cameras more expensive and become out of date quicker), badly paid/unpaid/falling levels of pay, stressful, dealing with ignorant people, shooting subjects you don’t like and will never make a good picture just because the client wants it, authorities that make it virtually impossible for you to take and sell pictures, copyright thieves and plagiarists, all have meaning.

  • I feel your pain!  Photography can be dangerous, expensive, and sometimes down right annoying.  As you said you get to a place and can’t take and shots cause of some restriction, while I understand that need in an art gallery but no where else.

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  • I like Photography. Art photography does not start with doing nudes. Not because one has done nudes, one can call himself a photographer.

  • 1) editing photos.  I’d rather shoot.
    2) never being satisfied
    3) histograms.  Yes, I know its me, but a perfectly balanced histogram does not always = a great photograph, IMHO.