10 things I hate about photography

I fell in love with photography some 8 years ago when I first bought a Minolta dImage 7, and after all this time I still find in it my way out!

I know it is obvious I love photography but, if I have to be completely honest, it is a real love/hate relationship.


I often find myself, while driving, looking around identifying potential locations or admiring the colors of the sunset just to wake up at the sound of the honking car behind me who’s driver started to get impatient. So far I’ve been lucky with these moments


And God knows I’ve tried. Every now and then I feel that photography is taking too much of my time I decide to quit but, no matter what, that urge to shoot and look at pictures always comes back even stronger. And when I finally give in and go out and shoot it feels like a mouthful of fresh air and I think to myself, “what have you been doing to yourself!”. I can, wholeheartedly, say that photography seems to be the only thing I am addicted to. Gosh how I hate to feel I am dependent of anything!


I don’t think that there is a lot to explain here, photography is not exactly a cheap hobby. Cameras are expensive and good glass sure is expensive and when you have spend all that money and think you have all what you need there is always a new gadget that popups and I start trying to justify this new expense. For a person without any income from photography I spend too much on it.


I have a full time job that requires from me more than a full time schedule which leaves me with little time to spend with my wife and children. This makes me feel guilty when I share, what is already limited, between my family and my hobby.


To be very honest I don’t always feel good with my own results, and coincidence wants it that, every time I feel I made some progress in photography, I come by these pictures that keep me stunned and show me how long the road is still ahead of me.
There are so many different styles of photography I’d like to experiment that sometimes I feel I should just quit.


I hate color management! I find it so complex, every time I want to print a picture or even look at it on a monitor different than the one I edited it on I find myself looking at completely different colors and, no matter what, I can’t get to find a way to get consistent results. Well that surely looks a good reason to shoot in black and white but, even then, contrast changes.


Sometime you want to shoot and you can’t because, for a reason or another, that one place you’ve been longing to capture is a photography restricted zone. The first example I can think about with this matter is Jeita Grotto that is only at 30 min drive from where I live but I can’t take pictures in.
10. when you want to have you’re camera and you can’t (restricted places)


If it is frustrating to want to shoot but not to be able to, it is even more frustrating when you don’t want to shoot but you find yourself compelled to do it just because people are expecting you to do so!

Sometime, when invited to events/weddings, I just want to be with my wife and enjoy it, I don’t feel like playing the “camera man”. However there is always that last minute call “we are counting on you for the pictures”.


Yes storage is getting cheaper by the day, however data storage needs are growing exponentially too. With my current camera a RAW file is about 22megs in size and a typical retouched psd image in the 400 megs. Knowing that I keep 2 copies of each picture in both RAW and PSD format that’s roughly 1GB for each picture I edit.


Well that’s a classic but it never fails to irritate me. I do feel the lust to sometimes change my gear just because a newer one came out but I am fully aware that this won’t improve my photography I just do it because I feel like it and I can afford it.
Just recently my wife was looking at pictures I took of our children and she asked me “Is it the cam or the lens? These pictures look just great”, that made me smile and told her “why can it not be simply your husband ?”

What about you ? What do you hate about photography?

  • Seriously, you're over-thinking it šŸ™‚

    Danger? Probably less so than cyclists with headphones.

    Quit? Why quit something you like? It's not like it's harming your health or causing harm to others.

    Expensive? Sorry but photography is not expensive if you're doing it for fun. Even a cheap P&S will afford you the joys of seeing. It's only expensive if you're a gear junkie.

    Time consuming? Can't help you there. My family easily wins over anything else and it never feels like I'm sacrificing something for that. In any case you could always incorporate photography with family. I spend a lot of time with my daughter teaching her about photography and art appreciation.

    Depression? That's a tough one but you might need to rethink your expectations. I barely get 10-12 shots a year I consider perfect or nearly so. I'm pretty sure that's the most anyone should expect. Depressed over too many styles to experiment with? Why not instead be grateful for the endless source of inspiration? I knew an artist once who had an insatiable drive for creating but whose muse has vanished completely. Imagine her frustration.

    Color Management? Sorry I don't bother with it so can't help you. Life's too short.

    Forbidden? Seriously? What's the ratio of things you can photograph to the things you can't photograph? Why dwell on things that are out of your control?

    Don't want to shoot? Then don't. You are the only person who can set an expectation on yourself.

    Storage? Again I can't help you. When I run out of space I just delete starting at the oldest photo (with a few exceptions)

    Gear vs photographer? That's an ego thing and life's too short to dwell on such things and there are bigger issues out there that deserve our attention.

    • Undoubtedly its very dangerous; looking at places and things and imaging things during traveling is more dangerous than a cyclist with headphones. I use headphones and listen to music during cycling but i have never faced any issues. I do not loose my concentration and drive fine.

  • Cassidy

    As a beginner I feel like a lot of images are more about the editing than the actual picture itself.

  • Stephanie

    I agree with the “what camera do you have” question. I HATE that. Why can't it just be that I actually took a good photo?

    • louise

      i totally agree with you ! having the most expensive equipment wonā€™t improve the images you produce, its from you as a person,mind etc…
      my mind is like a live camera, always taking images šŸ™‚

      http://louisethompsondigitalph…Ā  (under construction but have a look people) comments are welcome in my blog section – comment box


  • Yep, You shared with us great story about your life and it will be very helpful for beginner.
    Like i would like tell one thing i could not catch one movement yesterday because i don't have flash camera.

  • Excellent List – Just keep shooting anyway!

    I definitely concur with most of your points. Color Management; first time I spent hours editing photos for a friend and then so them on his old (antique?) monitor I just about gave it all up. Even if your own screen is properly calibrated, if you share your photos online, you have no control over how others will view them.

    I like what another photographer's response is to your last point:
    Observer: “Wow, your camera takes nice photos!”
    Me: “Thanks, your mouth gives nice compliments!”

    Good post!

    • yes, i agree that camera shows a quality of image but as my think point of view, a good photographer capture good movement.

  • Oh, I almost totally agree. Except that more than hating it, far more, I love it.

  • Photography can be addictive to me too. I unfortunately have had to put it off for awhile and focus on other things, but it is one of my real passions that I want to return to someday. I can never escape its calling, so to speak.

    – Robert

  • Art

    oh wow I have to agree with every single one of this (well maybe not the last two that much)… good post

  • Antoine, That user “California Mortgage” is most likely a spam bot and if you don't mark him as such he'll infect all your posts.

    Anyway I just want to add one other thing. A lot of people seem to agree with your last point. This offence of having people say “great shot, what camera do you use” was first brought to light by a famous photographer (whose name escapes me) many years ago back in the days of film when cameras were nothing more than light proof boxes with a shutter. Back then there was no built in light metres or auto focusing or auto white balance or LCD preview screens or noise reduction software or auto saturation/sharpening/contrast/bracketing, or auto dynamic range. Anyway you get my drift. Back then it was all up to the photographer so to take offence at having the credit going to a camera was legitimate.

    But this is not the case anymore. Some of your readers may well be shooting with manual-everything cameras but if they are using digital cameras then the question “what camera did you use” is perfectly valid. When I saw a photo shot in low light with no noise and with perfect sharpness I wanted to know what camera it was shot with because I know my camera cannot take such photos (It was a Canon 5D2 if you're interested). Plus, technology is advancing so fast that the camera type/brand really does make a huge difference.

    I'm old enough to have used old cameras that had nothing more than a film advance lever and a shutter button and I can tell you that taking a photo back then took a bit more effort then shooting with a DSLR and required a lot of understanding about light and f-stops and focal planes and depth of field and tonal range etc. My photos back then sucked by the way, now thanks to technology, they suck a little less. Most people today don't realise how much work the camera does for them. Most people today don't even understand the relationship between the number of pixels and the size of the CCD.

    Sorry for the long winded comment but I just feel that some digital photographers who get self-righteous by such remarks as someone asking “what camera they use” are being disrespectful to the early pioneers of photography who put in all the hard work so that we may be inspired today.

  • expensive.edited.what's your gear.no motivation.


    therapeutic in more ways.

  • You need a bumper sticker for the photographer driving. I totally understand about people putting the quality of the image on the camera, rather on the person. The person makes the image, chooses the exposures, apertures, composition, and so on. People forget that a photographer is a person, not the camera.

  • Yes, i got a point , where is write expensive. I want to tell who is thinking about photography is more expensive thing and only richest person can do this things. this is wrong. u can catch movement in cheap cameras. but you should have creative and adventure image for click.
    Some time you see, some one click better picture than you. that means he/she have good skill of photography.

  • I have the same problems sometimes. Especially the driving one. I actually had a friend drive back and forth across a bridge 4 times just to make sure I got the shot right and it wasn't like we could just stop the car. the angle was perfect and it took time but it was well worth it

  • Well we love photography – the better the camera the more skill that is required to use it ! Never just the quality of the camera which makes the picture.

    • I like your point. it is very true thing in photography..i was saying same thing before some day.

  • Onefaller

    I get the “lens/camera,” but the one that absolutely drives me over the edge is: “Boy, you must have a lot of time on your hands.”
    It's impossible to explain to people just how much wrangling I have to do to *make* time for creative endeavors, only to have them dismiss my efforts as a waste.

    • Yes, we have time but my thinking says that creativity is by born. i am not saying that it is not possible because nothing is impossible but that creativity will not come better than by born. what you say?

  • Great Post! I hate dirty Nikon D3 also. šŸ™‚

  • Hi there, and thanks for this post. I agree with you only in some poitns of this post like: it is time consuming, it is often forbidden. I don't think that can be dangerous. If you have a passion for photography, dangerous can't be found in your vocabulary.

  • I love the dangerous driving bit! I do this a lot. I love to get weather this way – usually with a phone!

    • yes, i also think that everywhere is risk in life like if you traveling in bus, train and airplane , if you eating outside anything there is risk. so now come to the topic, i went on hill station and i took risk only for photography

  • Oh!Really you hate these 10 things about photography.I read all I think you are right.

  • No doubt. I can be all of those things but it can also be one of the best escapes from the stress of the “real” world that you can find.

  • Hi Art, Can we know which one is not very much post in this, the we will explain to you.

  • These are well think with have positive direction on photography.I am glad to watch them & have no any confusion.

  • Bob

    lol so true

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  • I like this Article. I would like to share my views on this subject. I would say, Photography may now be a Full Fledged Profession, but Photography can be great only when Photos are taken with a Love to Capture The Beauties. If Photography is done with an “Ambition,” its not going to give great Photos. Really, Great Photography is only from heart.

  • The dots do look a bit misaligned, but maybe its because of the facebook compression, fb compression sucks big time.. and probably u have used jpeg … so its like one stupid compression with another worse compression…..

  • Masterrr.. nice post chorre ..I agree with u……

  • hey this is a universal truth after read your post i just want to stand up and clap for you for this post.

  • I just love photography and always use Canon Cameras for it.It makes my job easy and give chance me to take shots form every desired angle,I want.

  • I find after getting my new camera, I can't stop taking pictures. They only included a small media card, I'm finding also I just don't have enough space.

  • What is wrong with that? Leave them alone. Agree to disagree and value their opinion /views/ beliefs.

  • Gglen8

    Great article i find my self always needing to buy new gear because I shoot video as well. It's worth it because when a gig comes along i'm wel prepared for it and that makes me feel great.

    • great. it means you got lot of help from here. really helpful article for photography lover's.

  • I was thinking about your last point just the other day. No one looks at a Picasso or a Monet and says: wow, those guys must have had *really* sophisticated brushes and excellent paints.

  • “why can it not be simply your husband ?ā€ hahahaa i would like laugh on it….this is really good story which you gave her for example of wow great pics..

    your presentation method is very impressive.

  • I have find here a sound knowledge.There all contents are really helpful with a right way.I am glad to read this article.

  • true. did you just read my mind! I'm a newbie on photography and need to learn all of this

  • “Sometimes I just don't want to shoot” this is real fact and some times i feel same way what u said there.

  • At the end of the day it is still an awesome hobby to pursue!

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  • Sam

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  • Well we love photography – the better the camera the more skill that is
    required to use it ! Never just the quality of the camera which makes
    the picture.

  • Well we love photography . the better the camera the more skill that is
    required to use it ! Never just the quality of the camera which makes
    the picture.

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  • so true.. Lol

  • Mochindamo

    Yes, I am there with you when you just don't want to shoot, being asked to take these mundane pictures of mundane situations of everybody smiling and posing. If I feel like taking a picture I will and don't want others to be constantly expecting me to, then it becomes a job and commitment and I just want to relax and shoot when I feel the time is right. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  • I have no more idea about it.But I am sure after it.It is a well guide line on a trueĀ direction..

  • www.davidweimann.com

    you forgot the most important…in the best situations u just dont have your cam with u or u do…and even worse…just the wrong lens…and while u change the lens the moment just past….

  • I couldn't agree more with your comment about cost of photography. Ā I used to give my husband a hard time about his love for triathlons and that they cost to much but I've learned quickly that I take the cake when it comes to having the most expensive hobby!!

  • hey it is true !! i am just shoot only for me. and some special moments

  • Ducatitony

    I like this post, it is very funny. Ā I think at one point or the other I've felt one of your points. Ā I am still learning but I've learned that the picture I sometimes worry about the most other people love it as it is. Ā As for not wanting to take pictures, I've felt that too and left my camera behind then end up thinking, “Why didn't I bring it.” Ā So I use what I have at the moment to capture the moment, usually my Iphone. Ā Again, great post, I really enjoyed it and the comments.
    Tony Vazquez

  • Tayyz1990


    Found another blog post similar to this… just letting you know…

    • yes, i saw there, just copy paste of this post there. and when we click then it redirect here.