ADIDAP Flickr round January Part 1

Voting for 1 picture in a selection of 100+ is an impossible task, that's why we will be splitting January's Flickr Round into 2 parts. Enjoy 52 stunning images from the first 2 weeks of January and good luck making up your mind and choosing a winner.

Saturday Links Fever [2011-06-25]

On the blog-sphere Lytro: The camera that could change photography forever via @fluck A Beginner’s Guide to Using Aperture Priority Mode @lightstalking via @EpicEdits Astrophotography: Telescope Photography @picturecorrect Do You Read These 8 Cool Photoshop Blogs for Tutorials? @lightstalking 15 Tips for the Best Underwater Photos Ever @photojojo via @EpicEdits Light, Composition or Subject? @LandscapeGB via @SvenSeebeck Great Compositions via @stran9ee 25 Inspirational photographs of windows @7x5photo 39 Colourful ...

Photographer of the week : Vitaly Geyman

After our call for Photographer of the week submissions, we received many great entries and we are glad to feature Vitaly Geyman for this week. His photography comes from a multidisciplinary perspective. It conveys his intimate connection with nature and the power of its beauty. Vitaly’s soulful, dreamlike fine art photography has also been greatly influenced by the work of John Wimberley, ...

ADIDAP Flickr Round December 2011

Doing this Flickr rounds after a long time was pretty emotional, it was nice to know that everyone is still active on the Flickr group and uploading great images. It was interesting to notice how the style of some of our regular photographers changed and evolved while others kept the same personality for their images. It was also surprising to get to ...

16 magical pictures of Tibet

Tibet is one of my top list photography destinations and I often day dream about it looking at picture for inspiration. If you have visited, or would love to visit, Tibet then these images will certainly speak to your heart. Photo by Nitin Joseph