ADIDAP Flickr Round December 2011

Doing this Flickr rounds after a long time was pretty emotional, it was nice to know that everyone is still active on the Flickr group and uploading great images.

It was interesting to notice how the style of some of our regular photographers changed and evolved while others kept the same personality for their images.

It was also surprising to get to see new photographers and the creativity they bring around.

So Enjoy and vote for your favorite picture from December 2011 and leave a shout out for the photographers in the comments.

1.Evening Bokeh 2.All in a Day's Work

3.Shipwreck, Motueka #24.hammondsport hideaway

5.Orquídea II6.The Plain in Snow

7.Happy Winter8.Circles of light [Explored #187]

9.lunar eclipse Winter solstice10.Pont Saint Pierre #3

11.The Christmas Lights on Parliament Hill12.Hillsborough at noon

13.Cold Crash14.Parliament Hill

15.305 / 365: Just like heaven16.for unto us a child is born

17.Weight on You Shoulders18.I'm Small

19.20.Hillsborough in the Evening

21.22.Just another day at the office

23.24.St Stephens Tower Alt Edit

25.[it would be like fog]26.Chicester Library

27.:-)28.NISMO Light 2


31.Take time to dream..... it is the breath of happiness!32.Prada

33.34.the sky is blue

35.The Iron Curtain36.Boat by the river

37.Black and White Pencil Sharpener38.row on row



43.Frosty Covering44.338/365



49.Low50.Beach walk

51.Juno Pier52.Dark Days Ahead

53.barricade54.Into the Woods

55.Le Ciel de Paris56.Into the Woods

57.Lamby The Kitten58.P1000927.jpg

59.Ocean View60.Satisfy Your Hunger

61.Cannot Tie Knots? Tie Lots62.Leaks

63.Tomorrow you'll be gone.64.The solitude of buildings

65.345/365 Daddiola66.LV - LV, NV

67.Magic Hour at the Pier68.Waiting For Christmas



73.Twickenham Green in Fog74.A Prayer in Wat Pho

75.Round Island Run Falls, Clinton County, PA76.Movember 2010

77.Not what it used to be78.Champagne de Castellane 2010 328

79.80.Burj Al Arab 032

81.???82.Long Shadows

83.old news84.<><><><><>

85.stars and stripes86.

87.Up (II)88.Looking Up

89.Backstreet Boys Cruise Concert 990.tree

91.Wine Bokeh92.358/365 (Merry Christmas Eve!)


95.Box in the sky96.In between faith and thought.

97.Eiffel98.No entry!

99.Stranger in a Parisian Street100.The Grid

101.SaharaMe.102.Evening serenade

103.Solid104.Cracked from side to side II

  • Esmithiii2003

    Do you mean December 2010?

  • Beautifully captured pitcures, Impressive work.

  • Amazing photos. A Portrait Photographer

  • I wanted to know if this hairstyle would look good on me. My face is not
    that round it has an ovalish shape too. I also have a baby face( big
    round eyes, button nose.)

    Here’s the hairstyle i want

  • Its nice to see pics on cars are included too here !