ADIDAP Flickr round January Part 1

Voting for 1 picture in a selection of 100+ is an impossible task, that’s why we will be splitting January’s Flickr Round into 2 parts. Enjoy 52 stunning images from the first 2 weeks of January and good luck making up your mind and choosing a winner.

1.Liberty Bridge2.Prologue to the prayers

3.Wise old tree4.opposite of shadow

5.Notre Dame6.SUN SET

7.Xmas lights bokeh8.Reflect In

9.[long day]10.Ghosts like music

11.Freak street12.Rubik's Cube bokeh


15.16.Time for a Cuppity !!

17.El pozo de los deseos18.Dawn Watch

19.Up&down...and up&down20.Rome - September 2010


23.Budapest, January 1st24.zico [EXPLORED]

25.IMG_124426.Canada Geese in the Ice Fog Work in Progress28.Wheel of Dublin

29.A good set of shoulders30.Tufted Titmouse No. 5

31.Sullivan Falls32.Immenent


35.true winterrrrrrr36.Dow Jones "Enlightened Path"

37.Pensamientos infantiles38.Jellyfish

39.Taughannock Falls40.King Of The Road

41.New Roads Old Flames42.Harvard University

43.Who needs fireworks?44.self ? again ?

45.Black & White Round Architectural Shapes - London46.Happy

47.Amongst The Columns48.The Green Leaves of Summer (Nick Perito)

49.The earth is round?50.Dubai Mall 206

51.Flowers at a wedding52.everybody hurts

  • I did just cast my vote and wont say what it was. They are all such nice images but one caught my eye a bit more than the others. The one I voted for is the kind of image I would hang on a wall.

  • Mi

    pic nbre 9 – lovely b&w

  • Wow!All the mentioned images are superb.I cast my vote for 23.I really liked that one most.And many thanks for all decent collection…

  • I have no doubt on this sweet collection.I like this nice feedback.

  • 48, beautiful. 

  • My favorites are pics nos. 1,2, and 30. Lovely.

  • Number 11 is my fav.  Love it!