Photographer of the week : Katarina Stefanović

Our Photographer for this week is Katarina Stefanović whose goal is to use photography as ‘prima materia’, a base, and through editing create a fusion of reality and vision.

According to Katarina : ” I am not a photo reporter, so I don’t feel obligated to honour every detail. What I’m trying to achieve is to emphasize the whole potential of a shot, creating a sight that I’d like if existed.. And since it’s impossible in real life, I do it in virtual 🙂 My work is maybe more similar to ‘photo-painting’ than photography.”

I leave you to enjoy her work, you can visit her photo stream, once you are there, make sure to check her most viewed photos











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  • Great job done Katarina Stefanović. All the images are incredibly captured.
    Really you deserve the top award..

  • Photography addict

    beautiful images – hats off for the photographer

  • Well beauty on  this excellent sharing.I am glad to watch these images.

  • I have never ever seen such nice photographic stuff before.Really great work done.Please mention the camera name which used to take these.Full marks to
    Katarina Stefanović.He deserves the best…

  • Incredible work. I’ll remember this name, Katarina Stefanovic. 

  • I have been using compact cameras for a couple years and I want to step it up a notch. What would be a good DSLR camera to look into for nature photography? I need something that snaps fast. Someone mentioned something along the canon rebel line but I don’t know. Also, should I consider a camera with Full Frame capabilities or is that just a little overboard? Thanks!

  • Really he deserve the top position. Great work done,such task require lots of dedication and passion for work..

  • Beautiful, splendid work of photography !

  • These pictures are like painting landscapes