Saturday Links Fever [2011-07-02]

The first link I will feature this week is our own, in case you missed it ADIDAP is now on facebook and it is a great place for us to meet you all and interact. So join us now at

On the blog-sphere

Wonderful imagery

  • “Ersfjordbotn Sunset” by Gary Newman
  • “Take me” by -CResende-
  • “Le pays du vent #2” by -alentours & ailleurs-
  • “MOVING COLOR | Milford Sound, South Island NZ” by Christian Lim
  • Visions of green by Antoine Khater
  • “Reflection of Mount Hood on Trillium Lake at Sunset” by David Gn
  • “Fall at Elowah” by Benjamin Postlewait
  • “Skogafoss” by @ronny.ritschel
  • “The Stone Man” by Russ Barnes
  • “Arctic Rorbu” by @antonyspencer
  • “Myst” by @patricksmith1
  • “Lost In Time” by @red_dot_photo
  • “Morning Mist” by @briankerrphoto
  • When it rains by Keith Aggett
  • “Red” by @evgord
  • “Two Jack Magic” by @jeffclow
  • “Little Boatmen” by @denbote
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