ADIDAP Flickr round January Part 2

Here goes the second batch of 68 pictures for the month of January, More great stuff from the photographers in our Flickr group. Enjoy your dose of photography and vote for your favorite picture

1.Whitney2.Rays of Glory

3.Patterns4.Jose Gonzales - Kuwait

5.?6.Nice, warm fire on a cold, winter afternoon

7.Southland Bridge over the Bow River8.16/365 2011-01-16

9.Zebra Road10.Limitless Possibilities

11.Dive Bomber12.Venetian Statues

13.17 : 36514.?


17.grown in the field18.Symmetry

19.Meh20.Ein Leben auf der Überholspur

21.Glimmer Of Light22.Above the fog - by a small glider

23.24.Geese Belly

25.Spaghetti Fireworks26.Adult Bald Eagle Soaring High Overhead

27.The Boat28.Sao Paulo from Copan Building

29.Recessed window30.Morning mist


33.Shadowtricks34.Second Portrait

35.Playing at Holy Angels School36.Feo Noche

37.London calling38.The view of a lifetime

39.40.Qatar National Day Skyline II

41.daisy42.she found the light

43.The Years Gone By44.Birds

45.Beach walker Filey46.IMG_1543-bw



51.the look52.Layers of Mist

53.Test du Sigma 24mm f/1.8 DG EX54.stairs

55.Angle56.Bubbles in Black and White

57.Winter Swan at Carburn Park58.Daydreams

59.Free as a Bird60.Bible & Ring Heart

61.Jade Elephant 00462.Kaila in Red

63.Star Wars Processing (Part II)64.pure geometry

65.unexpected66.[3rd of 52] Wedding Splash -- Explored! :)

67.Yeah Boi!68smoke

  • Wow! Very great and stunningly beautiful pictures!

    I love all of them.

  • Amsis

    the level of adidap photographers is impressive!!!