Photographer of the week : Thomas Leuthard

Our photographer of the week is Thomas Leuthard – a street photographer based in Switzerland.

Thomas told us the following about his passion for photography :

” I’m traveling around the World with my camera to document life in public. I like to meet people around the globe to talk about street photography and to shoot together. I also like to share my knowledge through different channels on the Internet. I have just published a first eBook about street photography. You can download it for free here: http://book.85mm.c I’m working already on a second book which will be publish in early September. It’s not the money which drives me, but the passion to a way of photography which changed my life. ”

I leave you with 10 of his selected work. If you enjoyed them,you can still visit his website for more.



_small_DSC_8047 - Version 2

_small_DSC_7660 - Version 2







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