ADIDAP Flickr Round May 2012

56 Inspiring pictures from our photographers in adidap’s Flickr group, Enjoy them and vote for your favorite

1.Easy, Riders! 2.Day 49/365

3.ACK DINOSAUR!!! 4.Post morning dew

5.Irish Grand National 20116.Timeless

7.Dandelion's landscape8.Macro - Drop

9.Baseball10.cranes-falling over

11. Dundee 00412.8 Maggio: Festa della mamma...auguri a tutte le mamme del mondo! Greetings to all the mothers of the world!

13. 14.smoke photography

15. Whispers of the season to come16.The Broken Mustang

17. Who's disturbing?18.Portal

19. waves of light20.Skåne

21. Distesa di papaveri22.Blue Tomorrow

23. in my dreamz24.

25.Colourful26.Waikiki Surf

27. Sunday, Sunday28.Starstruck

29. 198430.We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.  ~Charles F. Kettering


33. heartburn34.365 arlophotochallenge 139 / 365 - Point

35. tree36.


39. Mach 140.Up, Up and Away *

41. Locked Out42.Small Town bits.

43. different opinions44.kitsune uniform

45. Columbian Ground Squirrel at Rogers Pass46. Port du Montrèal


49.Luces y sombras.50long exposure

51.Eagle52.Robert The Bruce

53.Mops & Watts54.

55.infinity56.En el blanco de tus hojas

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