ADIDAP Flickr Round June 2012

84 beautiful pictures are competing for your vote on the June Calendar.
Enjoy them and vote up your favorite


3.Dubai4.Test du Samyang 35mm f/1.4

5.Tabanus of shadows

7.Golden Orb Spider and Web8.

9.Sometimes, having a break is just more than necessary.10.Turquoise Bay Explored></a></p>
<p>11.<a href=Leviathan has curves / Monumenta12.June's passionate warmth

13.Blue and green14.

15.The interior (2)16.365 arlophotochallenge 158 / 365 - Wanting

17.Perfect mountains18.

19.??20.Castle Heidecksburg

21.Two Peas in a Pod22.Dreaming

23.I put a mask on me...24.Green velvet

25.03.365 All we are saying is give peace a chance26.Architecture

27.Key West - Sunset28.Crisp Belgium Winter Graffiti Sign

29.30.Walking Away

31.oh, just grasping the essence of the lips32.

33.Crowded34.collings foundation cars 10 packard

35.Lunar Eclipse36.Sacramento_7068d


39.11|36540.NKOTBSB Boy Bands Rock!! the shade42.~Purple Passion~

43.bring us rain44.Interrupted vision

45.island oasis46.Show-off!

47."reverb"48.365 arlophotochallenge 177 / 365 - Comet

49.Yellow-pine Chipmunk on the Grassi Lakes Hike50.Intimidation factor against evildoers...

51.The Shot Nearly Everyone Takes52.Looking Up and Lost

53.Hazardous Serendipity54.Autumn *

55.July 4th!56.NDP '11 Combined Rehearsal 3

57."till tears drop"58.Odd

59.Skies the limit...60.the escape

61.The Flare on The Façade62.????

63.dream...64.Test du Samyang 35mm f/1.4

65.a magnificent dance66.

67.Créelo tu señor no anhelo en entrar en tu cielo.68.National Centre for the Performing Arts imograf270.Por que nos duelen tanto las palabras?

71.Endless Sacrifice72.Coogee Sunrise

73.Special 274.Zickzack

75.Where are the "#$%&/ keys?!76.

77.Focus on your goal78.Trinity College Gate v2

79.Dario80.Mr. N and Little Miss M

81.Fibonaccis Dream82.Many sides to the truth

83.CN Tower Engulfed84.

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  • Thats good,I like two photos of baby mostly,They are looking so cute…

  • I like the number 16 photo entry because it draws more meaning when we will associate it with life and how we engage on people around our community.

  • Number 65, Those jellyfish accentuates the electric background of it. This catches my attention that’s why I vote for it.

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    Many thanks for sharing here..

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