ADIDAP Flickr Round July 2012

63 pictures for our July summer round. Enjoy this selection from our Flickr group and vote for your favorite

1.Morning view in the Ohio Foothills2.Symmetrical Island

3.4.Lower than Low


7.Pin city8.Mates

9.Merewether Storm10.33.365 No detail is too small to escape close attention

11.CityCenter Tram Tracks12.Times Square Street


15.Monte Conero all'alba16.West Coast

17.When metal disappears18."make it calmer"

19.Due South 02-07-1120.Calgary Stampede Rodeo

21.Calgary Stampede Rodeo22.My dear mister geometry

23.24."pick up my bones"

25.lonely26.Werri Beach - Gerringong



31.Morning Dew32.cobweb

33.Flying colours34.The Dark Night Of The Soul


37.bins38.Marian Bay

39.Kul att...40.Poppy with visitor

41.Mask - 20542.Stockholm

43.Feierabend44.Last Man Standing

45.A walk on the beach46.Green Jewel

47.{190/365}48.- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

49.Good ol' Times50.boyoingyoingyoinnng

51.Milky Way52.I believe I can fly...

53.How I Imagine It Looked In The Old Days54.Leura Cascades

55.Self Portrait56.Sweet Summer Feeling <3

57.Calgary Stampede 201158.Twisted sides of the normal home


61.The window cleaner62.timeless

63.Il lago di Pilato

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