Photographer of the week: David Butali

Our photographer of the week is David Butali from Arezzo, Italy. He is a tourist photographer, one who travels for capturing images, they could be images of a city, of the beaches of Fuerteventura, of somewhere in Norway or simply in England or in Trieste.

When he is at home, on a typical Sunday morning, he wakes up at 5 a.m. to go alone or with friends to take pictures of the rising light in the forests. If he can go the day before, at the sunset he mounts his tent, hiding himself behind his camera, which is constantly interposed between him and the rest of the world for long periods.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures – if you enjoyed them, don’t miss out on his flickr stream or live updates from his twitter account.











  • I like all,the best images of nature.I can feel the nature on my desktop with the help of these classic images.

  • I like all,the best images of nature.I can feel the nature on my desktop with the help of these classic images.

    •  Yes beach club, I am agree with you, We feel as like that when see the nature pics.

  • I love the scene of  3rd picture from them. These are very nice pics david. I am fan of your creative art here.

  • david butali

    thks guys!

  • Wow!Excellent collection of true nature beauty.Keep sharing these nice images.

  • Wow he is amazing at catching great shots of fog.

  • I love these sweet seen here…………!well done.

  • Well, all images are really awesome and its hard to select which one is the best. Also, waking up so early in the morning to take more and more pictures is nothing but the dedication towards the photography and all the images above are the result of dedication and hard work.

  • Wow, really great photographs here. All images are excellent!

  • Wow all the pics are awesome..i like all of them..keep it up.nice work..

  • David done awesome job.All pics showing nature closely.Gonna add all images to my favorite scenes collection.Thanks for sharing here…

  • Wow. I just saw an awesome picture a minute ago and now I don’t know how to describe this. Looks like I’ve been missing a lot of things lately.

  • Stunning images all.David I became fan of your photography.And also sharing your excellent work further with friends.

  • Wonderful photo’s my favourite is the 6th one down – stunning.

  • David catch some fascinating scenic views with camera.Great job done.