Photographer of the week: Beatriz Poncet

Our Photographer of the week is Beatriz Poncet from Barcelona, Spain.

Beatriz always had a photo camera in her hands since she was eight years old when she started to go to the darkroom to watch her father develop black and white photographs. ( something to drive all photographers crazy with envy )

Beatriz has a license in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona (Spain), she can be found on flickr, 500px and twitter.
I leave you to enjoy only 10 of her selected pictures.








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  • Jordi Serrano

    Felicitats! Una distinciĂł ben merescuda!

  • VeroonsVision (veronica)

    Congrats Beatrice. Deserved 🙂

  • Mchabu

    I like the pictures of this woman. Very sensitive.

  • Orione1959

    congratulazioni Bea !!

  • Tono

    Un trabajo magnĂ­fico!!

  • I just wanna say one word for her “Remarkable Stuff”.All images are shows,how passionate and skilled she’s about photography.Good combination of class and dedication…

  • The river between building is very nice picture clicked by you. It shows your perfectionist  of photography.

  • ramonNL

    Excellents phtographs. Yes, work, work and passion.

  • This woman inspired me to take a photography course – – but I don’t think I’ll ever match her subtle eye for colour.

    •  Ohh really, How so sweet you are, Inspired women got a chance to her photography skills.

  • Absolutely amazing detail in these images.  I really love the colored pencils and the first black and white image of the flower.  You can almost reach out and touch the water droplets.

    Dale Weerts | Robin Weerts Photography |

  • Wow!Lovely collection of nice flowers here.I like them.Well done.

  • I love the canal shot how pretty!

    • personally I like the purple water flower more.

  • Thank you all!

  • Lovely images,I like all the collection.Butterfly images are awesome.

  • jayant singh

    I learnt the basic photography rules from Mr. Kishore Mamillapalli who is one of the leading wildlife photographers from South Africa. He used to say that “Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder”. If you like what you see on your camera screen, or through the viewfinder, you will like the photograph.There are some basic photography rules for composition. Once you know these rules, you can use them, ignore them, or break them. Follow your gut, and you will end up with spectacular, sometimes breathtaking results. Kishore is really an astonishing wild life photographer and has a great eye for details..

  • woo…what a beautiful pics you have cached !!!

  • Rabelskamp

    Anothe cliché serie..

  • While using my laptop , on pressing the number keys ,no res-ponce is invoked. How to correct this defect?

  • Nice macro photography, would love to have time to try it out.

  • I appreciate the good work done by Poncet.Feel happy to see the nature closely.
    Water on flowers and leafs are nice.

  • I just like the approach you took with this subject. It isn’t every day that you discover something so concise and enlightening.

  • Really cool job, Beatriz! I love that last one with butterfly.

  • Really cool job, Beatriz! I love that last one with butterfly.

  • Truely beautiful photographs – excellent work

  • I like the whole images collection shared here.The drop of water on flower looking natural.

  • Fort Worth Photographer

    Just stumbled upon your blog and such beautiful work. Very inspiring!