ADIDAP Flickr Round August 2012

With adidap calendar around the corner, I am excited to share with you the August round containing 37 beautiful pictures.
Vote for your favorite and stay tuned for the last few rounds of this year.



5.Mel's Orchid6.Tramonto a Portonovo

7.Blast Off!8.Quiet

9.IMG_406010.lights in the dark

11.Abandoned 12.Old Jetty

13.Rotterdam reflection14.365 arlophotochallenge 218 / 365 - Shopping

15.145:36516.Greymouth Explore 2011-08-09

17.Condestable II (b&n)18.Old Man Elliot

19.Hot Air20.Disorientation

21.Morning Buttercup22.Color the Skies

23.The Exception24.Morning At The Pond

25."dues to pay"26.Road Work

27.M IIIIIII AU28.Portals

29.Alison30.I can fly...

31.Built by man32.Lake at Fairmont Lodge, Jasper, AB

33.34.Silhouetted Scaffold

35.10072011-IMG_152536.68.365 Reflections

37.Futuro incierto

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  • Awesome picture and I would like most of all them is 18 number. That is creative and cute child.

  • I love these sweet images with have lovely shoot.Well done.

  • Amazing photography! number 6 and 23.
    p.s Great website… well done

  • The little boy with the glasses is too cute!

  • Awaiting for the upcoming adidap calender 2012.Excellent work.

    • I found 3 to 4 calender for 2011 year, And i am also waiting for upcoming new year calender, Adidap calender are very beautiful. 

  • Anonymous


  • Pretty
    nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that
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    •  Ohh really and thanks for reply here,
      I would like to fly in bloon, It is craziest thing. I love adventure work and action.

  • I love number 11 it has got to be my favorite

  • Wow, quite the surprise to see the pic of my son being included in the ADIDAP roundup (#18).  His name is Elliot and he’s an amazing kid with an amazing story.  He’s my favorite subject, and is usually pretty willing so long as I bribe with the ipad.  🙂  Can’t wait to see the new calendar!

  • Awaiting for adidap 2012 calender.In my eyes all the images are truly awesome.I never believe in comparison,where class work shows impact..

  • I want see all above mentioned images in adidap’s 2012 calender.
    I have huge collection of various calenders which I downloaded from here and other places.

  • All 37 images are worth a lot.I appreciate the photographer work here.Thanks.

  • Lovely shots collection

  • Good collection of photos especially I like this fashion. Really great work man. Keep it up.

  • I enjoyed whole series of images.I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.Keep updating with such good collection.