Photographer of the week: Verne Varona

Our photographer of the week is Verne Varona, one of adidap readers. Verne does varied work and one facet of his work is Monet-like photographs that are all done in camera, with very minor sharpening or slight saturation.

He took up photography in the late 70s and bought his first digital in 2005. He loves colorful, painterly scenes and has been developing a style that he calls “Aqua-Impressionism.”

Images that evoke emotion seize his full attention. He tries to capture images that convey the gamut of emotion and  loves the abstract photo’s that suggest.

Verne was a top finalist in Canon’s Project Imagination from over 100,000 entries last September. I leave you to enjoy 10 pictures of his curious and unique style. You can always check out his website for more.






Monet Trees

42nd Street




  • are very  very nice…thanks for sharing these pics..

  • First 3 pics are too good…last one is very funny….overall nice work done..Thanks for sharing

  • Wow beautiful & also very amazing full collection…………

  • Ha ha!The last image funniest one.Where dog wearing a cap and goggles.Varona showed here decent photographic work.All images are good.

  • Davidsnieckus


  • nice collection
    dog looks quite smart
    projection of views are damn cool

  • great job
    keep going

  • cool photos, but some of the effects I am not so sure of.

  • In all these photographs  i like the last one. It’s really looking very funny and also cute…..

  • I really like your photo’s especially the first ones – very painterly.

  • cool photos, but some of the effects I am not so sure of. 

  • The pics are looking blurred what happen to them..But nice ones.

  • Wow beautiful & also very amazing full collection

  • Excellent work!The watery effect in images is cool.
    Last one is very funny.

  • I mean till which standard do i need to study, Which degree do i need to have to become a professional Wildlife Photographer, I live in India and I am in 9th std now please help ?

  • Maureen Calnan

    Excellent work Varona  you take photography to a new artistic level.  Bravo