ADIDAP Flickr Round September 2012

69 Beautiful pictures for this round of September. Vote up your favorite if you want to see it on our yearly calendar !

1.Serenity [Explore 2011-08-21, Frontpage] 2.DSCF0100_edited-1And2more_tonemapped

3.365 arlophotochallenge 238 / 365 - Publicity4.morning

5.Bench6.Up and Down

7.The Sky is Over8.central park south veritgo10.Etherial

11.LA12.Eid Mubarak

13."or will I ever stop thinkin' about it,14.166:365

15.City of Color16.Tower Bridge Sunset

17.Giacometti statues18.


21.Montréal22.Morning coffee

23.Annunciation24.Eiger, M?nch & Jungfrau


27.The Tunnel28.m'room

29.30."like they want to be down"

31.Castle Combe 00232.

33.Zinnia - Black and White34.Bridlington Prom

35.Sunday Night Sunset, Sydney36.Dragonfly

37.5th Dimension38."Moraine Lake" Photography ~ Workshop ~ Landscape ~

39.Morning coffee (3)40.Casa Da M?sica (2)

41.Schody / Stairs42.In Despair

43.Abe Egged44.Entropy Ultimate 2011

45.Leaning46.The misty pathway to the unknown


49.Montréal, Tour Olympique50.One Way or The Other VOL. LOOT

51.Who let the dogs out ?52.365.170 - Feeling safe

53.Brussel 7 (free lens)54.Beautiful, peaceful morning...

55.Mapourika Mist56.365.173 - Autumn feeling

57.Searchlights Over Auckland58.Equinox

59.Syeikh Zayed Road60.just a daisy

61.Damselfly on blackeyed susan62.Candles in St James

63.68.365 Reflections64.Shaded Bench

65.Metal hose66.Brussel! (free lens)

67.World Trade Center, New York City - April 199668.Camping at Christina Lake


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