ADIDAP Flickr Round October 2012

67 beautiful pictures are competing in our Flickr round for October. Vote up your favorite to give it that special spot on our calendar.

1.Web - 263 2.Camping in the Elbow Valley in Kananaskis

3.morning 4.Fruit - Taken with homemade softbox camera left and a little higher

5.Twilight Sydney Cityscape6.Guiding lights

7.Beautiful Sky8."there is always a way"



13.IMG_343414.Out of Smoke

15.Vigneto matelicese16.365 arlophotochallenge 272 / 365 - Order

17.Castle Combe 01218.Ladybug;

19.Kahana Bay20.The Tree

21.Pikkelyes Pajt?s22.

23.Yellow Brick Road24.A good morning

25.Last one for this season 26.Even the smallest things shine

27.China National Day firework in Hong Kong28.Feline Spectre

29.Stopping time30.Boxes

31.A foggy old day.....32.Kloof Falls Base

33.Howick Falls South Africa34.Maryland_Sep042011_0402-rad

35.Tea house36.Les Quais Vauban - UNESCO | Explore 145 05/10/2011



41.Out Standing in Their Field42.evening

43.Autumn Glow44.Happy with you

45.Blue wall46.Cascade Facade [Explored 253]

47.alejandro dolina48.Old leaves

49.a thin disguise50.Autumn!

51.Droplets 52.Dubai Skyline

53.54.The Bridge

55.El Greco's View of MIlwaukee56.

57.58.Jumping mime

59.African Sunset60.Divergence

61.Behind The Veil62.untitled-2.jpg

63.Im Sommer da regnet's...64.The corridor of the sky

65.A green roof66.Golden Twirl


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  • I love number 8 and 63

  • Did you know you
    can make a roomfull of wallpaper from a 6 Megapixel image? It’s great stuff
    and can give a space the exact look and feel you want.

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  • Really very impressive images. I want to save all images on my desktop but can’t. Can you help me?

  • 5,7 and 22 are awesome!

  • All the images are awesome.I unable to pick the best one.I love Flickr site for its decent image sharing features.34 and 56 are my top list.

  • I hope new year calender 2012 will be in HD images.I like the 13 and 43 more.Nice collection.

  • why do the round-ups state 2012?

  • I downloaded all the images to my collection.These will help me while creating designs for various projects.13 and 27 I like most.

  • Still awaiting the complete calender of Adidap 2011.All images are good.

  • I downloaded all the images to my collection.These will help me while
    creating designs for various projects.13 and 27 I like most. 

  • On the picture of the oat field it would benefit from better
    composition. On landscape photos pay attention to where the horizon is
    at. Often times it can help by putting your horizon at one of the “rule
    of thirds” positions in the photo.

  • Exposure is carefully calculated to seek to avoid blown out highlights
    and blocked up shadows. Film can be a help here as it has such high
    dynamic range. HDR processes can be used with digital for balanced
    exposure in high contrast areas.

  • All the pics are awesome..Nice collection of photos.One of them in which a little baby is sleeping taken from the…well thanks for sharing these pics.

  • Image 32 and 56 is really good.Thanks for sharing the whole collection here.

  • Difficult to choose the best one.I like all and give kudos to photography work here.

  • I work as web designer and your site help me a lot.I got many pictures here and use them after perform the editing work.

  • I downloaded all for my desktop wallpaper changer. My vote for all Flickr images here.