ADIDAP Flickr Round November 2012

The last photography round for this year’s calendar is up. It’s been a breathtaking photo-journey through the beautiful images uploaded daily to our Flickr group.

Cast your vote for one last time for your favorite picture in order to help it get the last spot on our calendar and enjoy our 58 pictures for this round.

1. 2.Spike

3.Cascade des Tuffs4.


7.street 718.Universe on Earth.

9.10.Hida no Sato


13.MareIsland_7587d14.... see You next Spring ?

15.Fall way.16.Commanderie de la Romagne

17.18.Highway A1

19.Fall Colors20."Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"


23.Folsom_0610d24.Hong Kong

25.Lighting up the night sky...26.Sunset Ride at Morro Bay

27.Manda Huevos!!28.Alone II

29.Slash30.moving clouds


33."la canci?n m?s hermosa del mundo"34.Portrait_1



39.Untouched40.Mario Kart

41.365.239 - Fall reads...42.Read Leaf Tree 2

43.Na'Pali Coast Near Dusk44.Spidermen

45.Line of trees46.The gentleman and the hat

47.Metropol Parasol48.Pala was all pink.50.Sunspiral

51.Singapore - Kusu Island52.Fall flowers

53.1950's Kodak Duaflex II Camera54.Take a lesson from the Autumn trees

55.Flor de oto?o...56.Lonely fisherman

57.Central Hall Arch58.Summer to Winter

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  • All the shared Flickers images are very nice.Unable to decide the best one.56 is I found remarkable.All posts here are rich of images.

  • I love number 5

  • All pictures are good. I will set one on my desktop….

  • I enjoyed the pics of last round.All the collection here are mind bowing.
    My vote for all images here.I never see such good photographic work before.Thanks for the collection.

  • Image 6 and 26 both are unique and well clicked.I enjoyed all the collection on this site.Its same alike Flicker images collection.

  • Image 6 and 26 both are unique and well clicked.I enjoyed all the
    collection on this site.Its same alike Flicker images collection.

  • Excellent creativity.I get it huge list of amazing photos through this blog.

  • Pets and flowers make good subjects, both for beginners and more
    advanced shooters as well. So go ahead and practice on your beautiful
    dogs. One portrait tip for both people or animal shots is do not shoot
    down on them.

  • The post is very informative and useful for me.Thanks for sharing the post.

  • All the pics are awesome..its a nice list of photos and difficult to choose one best out..

  • #16 looks like the house i want to eventually get.

  • Every single image tells a story.I downloaded all to my favorite collection.Good work!

  • All images collection are good.When I visit this site always feel same like visiting Flickr’s for sharing favorite images collection.

  •  Thanks for sharing here the huge collection of classic images.
    Its difficult to pick best from all.Nice photography work done.