Smugmug Pro Account winner vote

It is time you actually play Santa and make one lucky ADIDAP reader happy by granting him/her the wish to win our 150 usd valued Smugmug Pro account

In a previous post we asked our readers who fancy a Smugmug Pro account to send us their top bokeh picture to enter this poll.  Now is your turn to choose the winner by voting up your favorite picture.






Jackson Bokeh XMAS

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    Bokeh is Awesome…superb

  • Mike Henry

    Great shots!  Love the first one and the shallow depth of field, I have to start shooting more wide open like this, it has such a great effect.  I’ve also never heard of smugmug until now, anyone have any experience with it!?

  • Wow, outstanding photography

  • First 2 images I like most.I vote for these.Thanks for great collection.

  • I vote for number 4

  • How funny but really very impressive and beautiful pictures…

  • My vote here for 1st one.I praised the photographer for this nice work.
    I think photographer deserve best award for this job.

  • My vote here for 1st one.I praised the photographer for this nice work.

  • please dont be too harsh, i just got a new Leica camera 4 my birthday
    and have just been getting used to it. i am 15 and i really want to
    improve at photography, so any constructive criticism would be great!!

  • Voted, they are all great pictures, yet i love the snail!

  • Nice Pictures..I like in which a kid was laughing.These all are the nice shots.Thanks.

  • So who won?

  • I want to say word superb to all images and photographic work.
    Its truly great job done.

  • Mt vote for 2nd no image.Remarkable photography skills.Congrats to winner the 150$. Nice collection.

  • My best wishes ti winner.He deserve best award in my opinion.
    Excellent work done.

  • How much is a samsung propel pro upgrade?


  • i m really confused between Samsung galaxy pro Samsung wave s7233.i want a phone
    to manage my Google account(to check e-mail,documents………….) & i love
    to take pictures.

  • My vote here for 2nd no image.Rest images are also wonderful.
    Hopefully my vote will be deciding..