Photographer of the week: Gerald Verdon

Our photographer of the week is Gerald Verdon. Born and raised in Switzerland and living between Lisbon, Portugal and Switzerland where he mainly works as a translator.

Photography was his first true passion as a teenager, very early he installed a dark room in his house and learned by reading and practicing. He then left serious photography for studies and history/law.

In 2004 he bought his first digital camera and got back in the game. He now works exclusively with Leica M8 simply because it was the closest to his young photographer’s experience and gives control over every aspect of his photographs.

Gerald’s work is foremost on the street and his pet subjects are people and social issues. Here is a powerful and inspiring quote from Gerald to best explain his passion for photography : “I strongly believe that photography still is a powerful medium to describe and help to understand our world, and as such it should constantly cross the artificial borders between, art, document and journalism.”

After such a beautiful trip into Gerald’s personal life and point of views, I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures.
You can also check out his site, portfolio or get in touch with him on google plus.






Final Glare


News Reader


Morning Light

  • The wall mounted images are looking very nice.Great job done by Verdon.He desrve the best award for this work.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Fotografi Matrimonio!

  • The pics looking very realistic and fine piece of photography..congrats Gerald..

    • Anonymous

      Thank you broward transmission! Appreciate!

  • Gerald you have a unique way of working and that work reflects in your pics..congrats for this contribution in photography.

  • Highly photographic work  done by Verdon.I think only obsession towards profession can show quality like.

  • Photography field has huge potential.It require creativity and passion to do something remarkable.Hats of to you Gerald.

  •  The post is very informative and useful for me.Thanks for sharing the post.

  • Gverdon

    Thank you everyone, much appreciated.