Photographer of the week: Andrew Mohrer

Our photographer of the week is into street photography. Andrew Mohrer was born,raised and still living in Brooklyn NY. With a passion for its streets it’s only natural for Andrew to be a street photographer.

Andrew played with photography a couple times over the years but for the last 2 years he’s been taking it seriously. Never taking any classes, he is a 100% self taught thanks to the internet.

His style has always been rooted in the streets, quoting him “It’s what I know, what I love”.
Combining candid street photography with cinematic tones is what describes a lot of Andrew’s work.
He says that there is something enjoyable about taking an average scene and making it interesting with a cinematic look. Andrew is also experimenting with b&w and portraits lately.

In Andrew’s own work, here is what best sums up his passion for photography:
Photography keeps me grounded, it’s something that I have to do. To be involved in the creative process of producing pictures is important to me. If a couple days pass and I have not spent any time working on images in some way I get restless.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures, for his full work check out his photo-stream.











  • K Demers

    Amazing, thought-provoking images Andrew. Well done. I am just beginning to see the art and social statements that can be realized in street photography. I will be looking at your images to inspire.

  • amazing photos, so good

  • Amazing job done by Andre, This is very realistic image and creative idea. I like your ideas.

  • Congrats to you Andrew.You deserve the best award for your excellent photography work and mind blowing idea.I hope you enjoying or profession.

  • M Argueta

    Amazing pictures! You would never think that pictures of the streets would cause such wow responses. Truly inspiring 

  • photographer Manchester

    These photos are so natural and captivating you feel you can step into them. It’s a great achievement Andrew, particularly as you are self taught!

  • I am in love with the train station shot.  I want it!

  • Its really impressive that he is self taught.   I have played around with photography with little training and its hard.  It awesome how well he has picked everything up.

  • Andrew present street photography with new ideas.
    All pics showed how much hard work he did to get this award.
    Excellent images collection….

  • I like the whole images collection here. I rewarded Andrew best photographer of the year.