Photographer of the week: Justin Vun

Our photographer of the week is an Australian photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in Malaysia with roots from China and has spent many years living in the East and West. As such , he has a unique vision that holistically spans both Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies.

You can view his truly amazing work on – in the meantime, I leave you to enjoy 10 stunning B&W pictures from his selected work.











  • Josh – OziRig Pro

    Some stunning photos! Definitely some interesting subject matter!

  •  I love to black and white photographs. These looks sober and cute.

  • I dont know how you find all these amazing photographers. I love the shot with the children and the Faris Wheel.  True life captured.

  • Nice photography..all the pics are awesome..Thanks for sharing this pic…

  • Great shots….my favourite is the one with the man and the two angels in background…love it!

  • Paul Flessland

    Wow, Amazing pictures! My favorite by far is the raining one. The reflections of the two are phenomenal.

  • Tremendous black and white pics collection.I love black and white old cinema too.Thanks for the remarkable job.

  • I like most the kids image.Photographer showed how well he can catch pics.Great images combination different categories.

  • Black & White images taking me back in old golden era.
    Images showing how skilled he has and spent lots of time in this field.
    Good work..

  • Great photography..the second picture of girl and boy is the best one….Keep it up!!!

  • Stephanie Blomkamp

    These are superb shots. I love the shot of the man in the restaurant who is unwittingly mimicking the angel behind him.The photographer has a subtle & quick eye that make for some great slice-of-life images. 

  • Ontoshiki

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    Thank you

  • You guys are all amazing photographers! Very talented and skilled ones.