Photographer of the week: Peter Neill

Our Photographer of the week is a concert photographer from Ireland & has worked with amazing artists like U2, Coldplay, Royseven, Lifehouse and many more. He lives and breathes the unique challenges and buzz of music photography.

Peter took up concert photography as a migration away from wedding work a couple of years ago and although it was difficult to break into the music industry, the sheer creativity involved in this type of work was worth the effort for him.
This is why he released a free iPad ebook as an experiment in this area, this book is aimed mainly at other photographers, he shares how to get into the industry and make yourself known.
The book called “Shooting Sound” also includes an extensive gallery of work.

Free Download

You can grab your free iPad copy of the book “Shooting Sound” from here or visit the website

As for Peter, he is currently seeking to move his career to the USA in the near future. He loves his homeland but as a music photographer he believes the U.S. is the place to be!

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures. If you enjoyed his work, you can get in touch with him personally via Facebook or twitter.











  •  This is another collection of very creative and amazing photographs. All the photographs show the great photography  skill of Mr.Peter Neill.