Photographer of the week: Serge Ramelli

Our photographer of the week is Serge Ramelli, a french photographer living in Paris. Serge does commercial work and teaches photography, Photoshop & Lightroom.
His influence are photographers like Joel Grimes, Moose Peterson and Jean Michel Berts. Serge has been doing a lot of HDR, but over the last couple of years, he finds that just using Lightroom with one good expose raw file gets a more natural and “punchy” result.

One of his most interesting photography series is an urban landscape series called “Paris cinema”, where he takes photos of Paris in beautiful lights. He’s been doing it for 7 years now and his collection consists of over 200 beautiful photos.
Sadly I can only share with 10 pictures of those in this post. I leave you to check out his website for the full dose of HDR photography.

The barques of Vincennes


Sun on the Alexander III bridge

Sunset in the forest

Sunrise on the Pont Neuf bridge paris

The roof of Paris at night

Storm on the Pont Neuf bridge in paris

Panoramic of Notre Dame Paris

The kid and the baseball

A street in montmartre at night Paris

  • Wow, incredible photos, the bridge at sunset and country side at sunset really stand out, thanks for sharing.

  •  Amazing photographs.Nice shots

  • Amazing picture really a nice and a detail work just love it