Photographer of the week: Girolamo Cracchiolo

Our photographer of the week is Girolamo Cracchiolo, a French photographer living in a city called “Chambéry”.
Girolamo does not consider himself a professional photographer, but a keen photographer.
In Girolamo’s own words :

“A photo, in my opinon will never perfectly represent reality, because reality is constantly moving and so the picture becomes a snapshot in time.

Reality has an odour and sounds, aspects that can never be captured in the static silence of a photograph.

This is why I do not worry about making my photographs realistic. In fact I focus on conveying emotion through my photography. If I can get the viewer to sense the emotions I feel when looking at a beautiful sunset or admiring the architecture of a majestic church, then I have successfully achieved my goal. “

I leave you to enjoy 10 of Girolamo’s selected work. Don’t forget to drop by his website for the full collection and connect via Facebook and Google+











  • Roland

    Absolutely stunning work! Some of them already seen in several websites too! My compliments! 

  • ohhh wow what an pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  • braddy

    crisp and vivid images! keep it up!