Photographer of the week: Dave Wilson

Our photographer of the week is Dave Wilson, he was brought up in Scotland but moved to the USA about 18 years ago and he is now based in the Texas Hill Country near Austin.

His photography tends towards minimalism and the use extensive digital processing, whether that be for HDR processing or creative post-processing.

Dave’s favorite subjects are architecture and abstracts but he also enjoys macro and landscape photography. He is completely addicted to ultra-wide and fisheye lenses.
He is also a current editor at and a co-host of the popular PhotoNetCast photography podcast.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected work. If you loved his photography make sure to drop by his website or listen in to his podcast.

A monochrome image of the Chevron building in downtown Houston, Texas.

 Waiting on Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin

A row of houses at Fort Davis National Historic Site in west Texas.

The cockpit of the mock-up Space Shuttle Orbiter

Hamilton Pool is a popular and spectacular swimming hole in western Travis County near Austin. The location is dominated by a huge rock overhang formed when the previous cavern roof partly collapsed.

First Stage Engines, Saturn V

An abstract image of one of the outboard engine fairings on the frist stage of Johnson Space Center's Saturn V rocket.

Reflections in the glass wall of one of the buildings in the City Center complex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Old Hand - A mature cowboy holds his hat over his heart during the National Anthem before the start of the annual VfW rodeo in Wimberley, Texas.

The north side of the Texas State Capitol with the underground extension rotunda in the foreground.

  • Dave Wilson

    Thanks for featuring my work – I’m honoured to be included on the site!

    • It’s our pleasure Dave 😀

  • Nathan Petty

    Fabulous work!