Photographer of the week: Viktor Lyagushkin

Our photographer of the week is Viktor Lyagushkin – an astonishing cave and underwater photographer from Russia.

Viktor has dreams of finding a dragon. A real one – alive, fiery, and rattling its scales with each step. He himself concedes totally different reasons for taking up cave diving as a hobby, but they are only partly true.
He is no madman. He knows that times have changed, and dragons have disappeared forever. But a dragon might still possibly survive in some remote, lonely cave! Perhaps, he already has, but does not tell.

Viktor is a National Geographic photographer, official Nikon photographer, Subal Team Pro photographer, winner of many international photo contests, his exhibitions were held in many cities of Europe and America.
He is also an NAUI Instructor, a journalist, a designer, a professional underwater photographer, and winner of international photo competitions.

Sadly, I only get to feature 10 of his selected work – You can check the full collection on his website and get in touch with him via Facebook.

  • These are awesome. Really great water image set.

  • ljbphotography

    Your pictures simply come alive. I really have no other words to describe them. In a world of post processing which allows people to create an environment which does not exist.. I am reminded that to really capture a great moment you have to go places where greatness happens. As a professional Photography myself I’m inspired.

  • Gareth O’Neill

    This is some outstanding work!

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  • Amazing shots, great composition!

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