Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Installing plugins

Yesterday I have shared with you how to disable/enable the effects of a single module in Adobe Lightroom well today we will cover how to install a plug-in.

Think of Lightroom plugins as add-ons to the product that extend its capabilities, Publishing plugins for example will allow you to publish your images to various websites (flickr, 500px, smugmug and others) without any additional effort.

Installing a plugin is not hard and very straight

  1. First download the plugin you want to install, most of them will come in a zip format
  2. Unzip the downloaded plugin to a folder on your drive, I would advise you to have a folder specifically for all plugins. This will make it easier for you to locate them and backup/restore them if you ever need to change your computer instead of having to download them all again
  3. From within Adobe Lightroom open File menu then go to Plugin manager (or click CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+, on windows). Your plugin manager is where you can manage all your plugins.
  4. Click on the “Add” button and navigate the the folder you have extracted you plugin to in step 2
  5. Click on Select – Folder
  6. Don’t forget to configure your plugin after installing it if required.

If you are looking for some plugins to download you can start here