Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Claiming back your screen real-estate

Today in my series Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners I am going to show you how you can claim back your screen real estate so you can work more efficiently in Lightroom.

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I work with lightroom mainly from my laptop so getting the maximum out of my screen is really important, here are some tips I have learned

  • Switching to Full screen: SHIFT+F will rotate across the different screen modes, press it twice (from default) and you will be in full screen
  • Hide the panels: When not using them I hide the panels using the F5 / F6 / F7 / F8 keys. clicking on the key again will re-show its corresponding panel
  • Hiding side panels: You can use the TAB key to hide/show side panels together, the result will be as if you pressed F7 and F8 simultaneously
  • Hide all the panels together: you can use SHIFT + TAB to hide/show all 4 panels together
  • Switching to Full screen and hiding the panels: CTRL+SHIFT+F on Windows (Command+Shift+F on MAC) will switch lightroom to full screen mode and hide the panel all in one keyboard combination

Do you know any other shortcut or trick to maximize the screen usage ? share it with us in the comments