Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Understanding which portion of the image each slider affects.

Have been trying to understand how each slider in the “basic” module of Adobe Lightroom 5 affects the image but then I noticed that Lightroom actually tells us that.

Just by hovering over each of Exposure / Highlights / Shadows / Whites and Blacks a grey overlay on the histogram will show to indicate which portion each slider will affect the most.

The Exposure slider will affect the midtones

The highlight slider the right hand portion of the histogram so, as the name indicates, the highlight, but not the far end right hand side like I originally thought.

Also the shadows affect the left hand side of the histogram but again, not the far left hand side so it is for the darks midtones or the light shadows if you prefer.

The final 2 sliders are the “whites” and “blacks” and these are the 2 that affect the extreme parts of the histogram

Well this is pretty obvious now that I know it but got me confused at first when I thought that the highlights and shadows were for the extreme parts and didn’t really understand what are whites and blacks used for.

I surely hope this will help you out …

  • photographer Jason Yu

    Thanks a lot for your sharing!