Configuring PhotoLine as external editor for Adobe Lightroom

Now that I have moved my post-processing workflow to Adobe Lightroom 5 and PhotoLine and dropped Adobe Photoshop the first thing I wanted was to be able to switch back and forth from Adobe Lightroom 5 to PhotoLine as simply as possible, so here is what I did.

Accessing the Settings Panel

Inside Adobe Lightroom open your preferences panel, it can be accessed by Edit -> Preferences or simply clicking on CTRL+, (on Windows) and then switch to the “External Editing” TAB

Changing the External Editor

The first thing to do is to choose your external editor, so click on “Choose” and find your PhotoLine executable file on the path where you installed it.

Setting the File Format Settings

For the rest of the settings, I configured PhotoLine, in blue square, with the same settings as the default ones for Adobe Photoshop, in the Red square.

This should start to give you an idea about power of PhotoLine, it can support 16 bits/channel TIFF pictures (48 bits in all) and ProPhoto RGB color space with ZIP compression.

Finally I kept the “Stack with original”, in the green square, checked and clicked OK

Sending a picture to PhotoLine

If you now go to any picture in Adobe Lightroom and right click on it, go to the “Edit in” context menu and you will see “Edit in PhotoLine64“.

It is that easy and now changes you do on the TIFF file in PhotoLine will be directly reflected in LightRoom when you click Save.