Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding off center vignettes (Lightroom 5 only)

In the last article we discussed how to add vignettes in Adobe lightroom using the “post-crop vignetting” feature.

A bit problem with that feature is that it doesn’t allow off-centered vignettes! As you know it is not uncommon in photography to have the main subject moved from the dead center of the frame. So if we use the “post-crop vignetting” feature on these images we will be dimming the main subject instead than the putting it in perspective.

Plugging in the same settings as the ones used in our previous tutorial on the off-centered picture below will clearly show that the head of the groom is getting dimmed and a big portion of the background isn’t.

For that reason we are going to see another way to do vignettes using a new feature in Adobe Lightroom 5and that is “Radidal Filters”.

  1. As a start open the picture you want to edit and go to the Develop Module by clicking D.
  2. Then add a radial filter by clicking SHIFT+M
  3. In the settings of the filter make sure all sliders are on zero and then dial in a negative exposure of say -1.5

  4. Draw a circle/ellipse that will loosely define the area you want to put in perspective
  5. You can now tweek to your liking using the exposure and feather sliders
  6. Click SHIFT+M one more time and you are done

And now the before and after pictures