Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding off center vignettes

I have already covered how you can easily add vignettes in adobe lightroom using the effects panel and how to add off-centered vignettes in Adobe Lightroom 5 but how to add these off-centered vignettes in earlier versions of Adobe Lightroom ?

Although the process is a bit trickier than it is in Lightroom 5 it is still rather easy to do, instead of using radial filters this time we are going to us the brush tool.

Adding off-centered Vignettes in Lightroom

Setting up the brush

Let’s start with the picture you want to add vignettes to

  1. Add a an adjustment brush to it (Green arrow on the picture below or by the shortcut K)
  2. Dial in a negative exposure of, say -1 (Green rectangle)
  3. Make sure that auto-mask is not checked (red arrow)
  4. Use a fairly large size brush and a father of 100 (blue rectangle)

Painting on your image

Adding off-centered Vignettes in Lightroom

You can now use the brush to paint all over the image that negative exposure we have setup in the brush and just leaving out the part you want to put in perspective.

Refining your vignette

Adding off-centered Vignettes in Lightroom
It is not uncommon to paint more than you would like to, in that case you can simply delete portions of what you painted by clicking the ALT key.

As you can see, clicking the ALT key will show a minus sign on the paint an that can be used to remove the effect of the brush.

Finally you could also make use on the “Show Selected Mask Overlay” option (Green rectangle), that will show a red mask overlay on the portion of the picture affected by your brush. This is a handy way to make sure you didn’t miss any part and/or painted right where you wanted to.

Clicking on K one more time will reveal your final picture
Adding off-centered Vignettes in Lightroom

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